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Living With IBS

I was diagnosed with IBS ten years ago, and in that time I've tried several prescription medications. I haven't found much relief from my symptoms using conventional treatments, so a few years ago I started exploring alternative therapies. I started this blog to document the drug-free treatments I've tried, such as reflexology, meditation and homeopathy, and share my personal experiences of exploring natural health care options with others who have IBS. I also post about the latest research on the management of IBS and publish guest posts from other bloggers with this condition who are seeking alternatives to drugs. I hope you find my blog interesting and informative.


The 3 Core Ideas Behind Achieving Holistic Wellness

25 September 2017
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In recent years, there has been a huge increase in the number of Australians who are looking to improve their health in a natural way. The term 'wellness' is often used to describe this concept and it refers to the conscious practice of making mindful, positive and pro-active choices when it comes to nurturing yourself. Wellness bases itself in a holistic view of health, which incorporates mental and emotional health as well as physical health. Read More …

Could Remedial Massage Be the Answer to Your Carpal Tunnel Woes?

26 July 2017
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The carpal tunnel is formed by collection of bones in the wrist, combined with a piece of tissue that connects to tendons in the fingers. Normally, it does its job without problems, but when the median nerve becomes compressed, it leads to a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. CTS is an uncomfortable problem to have, with symptoms ranging from aches and pains to numbness and pins and needles. In some cases, CTS eventually goes away on its own, although it's unpleasant in the meantime. Read More …